Idaho Adventure Motorcycle Club

2023-04-13 21:51 by RonS [ Read More ]

 Due to club administraion issues, there is no plan for a 2023 Challenge. Do not Renew!

We have extended all active memberships through 4/1/24.  If your account still shows as expired, please reach out via the club email for assistance

The club is currenly soliciting for officers.  If you are interested in helping out, please reach out to one of the current officers. The club cannot exist without active leadership.

More to come...

2021-02-04 17:31 by Special Ed [ Read More ]

2020 Challenge awards: Out of the 40 people that took part in the challenge last year we had 18 people  that checked into 162 sites. As for our award ceremony, the officers have been discussing the best and safest way to handle this. As soon as we come to a conclusion we will let you know.

2021 Challenge: To be announced.

2021 Spring Prairie Ride: This will happen, keep an eye on the event section. This ride usually takes place the end of April or beginning of May.


2020-07-31 15:11 by RonS [ Read More ]

This year we are mailing out the 2020 Challenge Bandanas. To help this process please  go into "My account" and verify your address, and then send me an email by clicking on link after my name and selecting the contact tab. Do this after you pay for the challenge and I will get the bandana in the mail ASAP.  Thanks, Ed "

2020-02-22 13:23 by RonS [ Read More ]

 With another riding year in the books, the 2019 Challenge was again a very popular club activity.  We had 30 riders participate this year.  There were 559 separate site visits posted by the participants.  That's more than 58,000 miles ridden by the Challengers this year!

Season Kickoff Picnic


Mark Englund (englund) at Deadwood Dam

2020-02-22 12:44 by RonS [ Read More ]

 On Saturday February 8, we had our Annual Challenge Awards Lunch.  We had a nice turnout and it was great to see everyone together.

Platinum Level Riders - 40 or more sites visited

  • Mark Englund (englund)
  • Bill Jenkins (KaptSlow)
  • Gary Kayser (Gary Kayser)
  • Bob Hammond (nohvccbob)



Gold Level Riders - 30 or more sites visited