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Create a Ride Report

  • Begin by clicking on the "Ride Reports" link to the left or the same named tab on top of the banner.

  • This takes you to the "Ride Reports"  section where you can add or read about member rides. To share your ride click on the "Add New Report" yellow star button on the ride side of the screen.

  • Make the title of your report a teaser that invites readers to click.  "Ryan Nearly Kills Phil On Iron Mountain" You get the idea.

  • Select the geographic location the ride occured. You may select multiple locations by holding down the Control or "Ctrl" key while you click the locations. Next, enter the year the ride occured and what event name the ride was listed under (if any) and difficulity factor.

  • Below that are the controls found in Microsoft Word and a box to write you report in.

  • When finished click "Save" and your report is published.