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Wallowa Valley Adventure Jamboree - Group 2

By RonS - Posted on 22 May 2014

  •  Member Ride
  •   06/18/2014 - 8:00 am
  •   06/22/2014 - 6:00 pm
  •  ~800 - 1000
  •  Chevron - Beacon Light & Hwy 55 Boise @ 8:00AM or McDonalds in Emmett @ 9:00AM
  •  Developed Campsites
  •  Every 150 Miles
  •  Available enroute ($)

Difficulty Rating:

3 - Advanced Skills

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Ride Description:

Since there are more people that want to go on this ride than signups available on Dan's ride, I will lead a second group.  

Anyone leaving from Boise can meet at the Chevron at Beacon Light and Hwy 55.  We will be leaving from there at 8:00AM  If you don't want to go all the way into Boise, we will meet anyone else at the McDonald's in Emmett.  We will leave there at 9:00AM in order to stay ahead of the other group.

We will be riding the same route as Dan's group and we will camp at the same location on Wednesday night.  We will break up into two groups during the day to keep our numbers to a managable size.

Thursday through Saturday night we will be camping at the Log House RV park in Enterprise Oregon.  We will return to Boise on Sunday.

In addition to signing up on this event, please post that you are IN to the Advrider page for the event:  This is so the jamboree organizers have an idea of how many will be coming.

Day 1 Route

Day 2 Route

Return Route

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Contact Information: 275-9474 (This information has been provided by the creator of this event page.)

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