You are here(22) Issue 2 - September 2014

(22) Issue 2 - September 2014

By coolsen - Posted on 08 September 2014

In this Issue. . . .

* Leading a Ride Group to the 2014 Wallowa Valley Adventure Jamboree (Dan Driscoll)


* Ride to the Wallowa Valley Adventure Jamboree (Ron Schinnerer)

* Planning a Ride (Jason Abbott)

* Tour De Rad (Andrew Mentzer)

* Tips on Planning a Multi-day Ride (Craig O. Olsen)


Editor’s Note: The majority of the articles in this issue of the IAMC Newsletter deal with how to plan a ride and lead a group on a muti-day ride. Previous issues address how to pack your bike for multi-day rides and other related issues, such as camping and cooking, and being physically and mentally fit to ride. Enjoy some of the collective knowledge and experience of our club members.


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