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Any One up for a update?

By rScherzer - Posted on 04 June 2017

 Its getting warmer out side and a lot of us are venturing farther out.  Some of you may know that I have a tearible time with repairing tubes that have popped.   (I think I'm on 6 or 7 now for this seasion)   My thoughs are this...  Some sort of trailside clinic that would show case what and how to fix most trail side repairs.  tubes, tubeless tire repair,  maybe a cracked case or busted radiator.  Also to add to that the products that work best!   I got to thinking about this when I was on a solo ride out in Arizona exploring a old abandon mine.  If I pinched a tube my sucsess rate at a good repair.....well lets just say I would have had to limp the bike out or walk 30+ miles.   I'm not sure on how to get something like this started or who would all like to jump in and help.  

As a template, I went to a show and tell  thing last year at Tim's shop (Happy trails)  the people that showed up had there bikes all packed to show what they take with them when adventur riding.  I found a lot of information usefull.  So  what I had thought would be simalar, but geared more to repairs,  what tools? what products,  what works,  and how to fix it!