By Hot Donk - Posted on 06 August 2017

  •  Member Ride
  •   09/01/2017 - 8:45 pm
  •   09/12/2017 - 8:45 pm
  •  ~1,250 miles
  •  Rogerson, Idaho
  •  Developed Campsites
  •  Every 100 Miles
  •  Available enroute ($)

Difficulty Rating:

2 - Basic Skills

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Ride Description:

Hello Riders 

My buddy Joey and I are going to ride the Idaho Backcountry Development Route (IDBR) from South to North starting just North of Nevada and terminating at the Canadian border starting on September 1 and terminating around Sept 12. For those not familiar with this scheme it has been developed for most of the Western states with the object of leading riders through scenic small backcountry town and old ghost towns to help support remote communities. It is almosty entirely unpaved and dual track.

I have the IDBR very detailed map which shows gas stations, scenic points and camp sites and have the tracks they provide loaded in my GPS. At this point all a rider has to do is show up.We are both from the San Francisco Bay Area and are going to drive out and back in our trucks, leaving them in the Southern parts of the state and riding back down-probably via Montana.

I have intermediate riding skills and will be on my KTM 690R and Joey who is more experienced will be on his KTM 1190. We will combine camping with motels as the mood takes us - subject to general opinion. From videos I have seen and other rider reports the route has few if any technical sections and therefore suited to a wide range of adventure bikes. I expect that we will ride an intermediate pace.

The route is mapped in 8 sections so I have considered that with side trips to scenic points, ghost towns etc, 2 - 4 days could be added but again this is subject to rider preferences to be arrived at.

We would like to add at least one other rider for backup and possibly two more with the prospect of having "local" Idaho riders being a plus. If you do have interest but are pushed for the time to do the whole route you could ride a portion as time permits.

No one knows better that Idaho riders what great country this is and it would be an excellent way to close out the summer season.

Give me a call or text if interested and we can discuss it further.


Brent - 510 910 99554










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Brent Lenehan 510 910 9954 (This information has been provided by the creator of this event page.)

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