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2019 Challenge Awards Lunch

By RonS - Posted on 22 February 2020

 On Saturday February 8, we had our Annual Challenge Awards Lunch.  We had a nice turnout and it was great to see everyone together.

Platinum Level Riders - 40 or more sites visited

  • Mark Englund (englund)
  • Bill Jenkins (KaptSlow)
  • Gary Kayser (Gary Kayser)
  • Bob Hammond (nohvccbob)



Gold Level Riders - 30 or more sites visited

  • Doug Patchin (shutterman)
  • Arlen Turnbull (CuprumHermit)
  • Mark Fiechter (Dusty Trail)
  • Mike Hardy (FoolHardy)
  • Ed Torrey (SpecialEd)



Silver Level Riders - 20 or more sites visited

  • Ron Schinnerer (RonS)
  • Mike Wineke (BoiseMike)
  • Ron Hoppins (rwhopp)
  • Jim Jorgensen (solojim)
  • Robert Scherzer (rScherzer)



Bronze Level Riders - 10 or more sites visited

  • Ben Gavica (Basquelander)
  • John Ruskowsky (jjr66)
  • Clint Hoops (CBMMA1969)
  • Craig Olsen (coolsen)
  • Daryn Colledge (AK2ID)


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