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Where's the newbie section? My introduction...

By Scott R Nelson - Posted on 09 August 2020

I couldn't find a newbie section for introductions, so I'll try here.  Looks like nobody uses this sub-forum, though.

Yesterday I met Mike (KLR650) and Dan (WR250) when I came out on the east end of Eagleson Rd where Robie Creek Rd changes to Clear Creek Rd.  I mentioned that I was having difficulty finding people to ride with and they suggested I come here.  I don't usually like paying for anything on the internet, but this site looked like it would be worth it, so here I am.

I'm retired, live in south Meridian, been riding for decades, and currently have a KTM 790R and a Honda XR650L.  I probably spend more time on the KTM because it's just a nicer bike and can handle most dirt roads as well as the XR.  I generally ride about once a week, but took the KTM to the top of Trinity Mountain on Tuesday and rode from Boise to Idaho City on all back roads on Saturday, so some weeks I get two rides in.  I prefer weekdays because there is less traffic.

I'm available most weekdays and most Saturdays for rides up to medium difficulty.  I don't seek out single-track stuff, but am willing to try on my XR if I prepare it with more serious dirt tires and lower gearing.  I still need to conquer Trail 4 off of 8th street, I had issues there the first time I tried riding it.

I look forward to riding with many of you.