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Ride to hells canyon

By CBMMA1969 - Posted on 07 June 2011

  •  Community Event
  •   06/15/2011 - 8:00 am
  •   06/19/2011 - 3:00 pm
  •  ~700 miles
  •  JB's Restataunt, Meridian and Overland, Meridian
  •  Primitive Camping
  •  Every 150 Miles
  •  Pack it in, Pack it out

Difficulty Rating:

3 - Advanced Skills

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Ride Description:

Well Ryan has school and Phil is washing and waxing his cat so I guess I'll post a ride. I had planned on putting this up last week but never got that far.  So far there is no firm plan. Weather may impact route significantly. The intentent is to hit several challenge sites () on the way up and back. The rough plan;JB's for breakfast (7ish) and leave shortly after 8:00. Out Willow Creek Rd, Emmett,  Ola (3), maybe High Valley guard station (2), High Valley road to Cascade(14),  hit Horsethief Reservoir (9) and maybe Stolle Creek (10), back track and make a run at Louie Lake (13). From there time and weather and suggestions from others. My thoughts pick up pavement to Riggins and  aim for somewhere on Race Creek Rd for night 1 or Burgdorf area. Day 2 back roads into Lewiston: Race Creek, NF 420, Deer Creek, Camp Howard, Joseph... on into Lewiston.  From Lewiston hit Buckhorn lookout, Pine Creek Rd cabin (40) and on into Enterprise.

Return Wallowa Lake(41) if we haven't already been there, Hess Rd (39) and Strugill Peak (37).

I've posted this as a level 3, a lot will be level 2. We may find some level 4 depending on weather. May be big bike friendly depending on your skill level and conditions. Day 1 may be long depending on route and where we opt to stop.

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