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my pre-ride

By Special Ed - Posted on 16 April 2012


The day started out with some hot coffee and drizzling rain. our first stop was Map Rock along the Snake river.


Along the road there are some nice Petroglyph panels...



Our next stop was Celebration Park for some more Petroglyphs.


Then we got above the river for some 2 track.




Once we got to Swan Falls dam we pushed the bikes across and got into some fun stuff "Rocks, Sand, Tumble weeds0?"


The Dam


With all the wind we been having it looked like it moved and the tumble weeds in the county here....


My bike got so many in the front and rear wheels my bike just stopped, till I pulled them out. I ended up walking the road and pushing them out of the way to make some kind of path to ride. It was not long before it opens back up and we were off and going again. 0


Next stop Wees Bar




Space ships or easter eggs???



Old ruins by the Petroglyphs

After an hour or so it was time to head home. I told the guys there was a back way out I wanted to check out, so off we go.


Beef trail as some call it.... I think i'll call it Goat trail





A rock kicked Dan out of shape 0



The top....0


It was a good time ~100 loop from Nampa....Ed

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