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Steens Ride

Here is a link to my Steens ride from last September. ADVrider has an easier interface so I did it there and just linked here.....Ed



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yellow pine

Matt, Thanks for engineering such a Beautiful trip. What a neat job on the pictorial! For those unaware, I did actually bust a rib hitting an unseen rock at that pretty stream crossing sending me 45 degrees off course, coming over backwards, landing flush on my back on dry land, busting my rib,and disorienting me for hours after, general weakness, mild confusion, etc.
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2015 Yellow Pine Music Festival and Dual Sport Ride

I think I was on time to Big Twin BWM where we met up and introduced ourselves.  Bo, Norris, Reg, Larry, Dan and myself were present at the meetup.  Big Twin put on some coffee for us, we checked out the bikes in the for sale lot, had a brief meeting and were on our way.  We rode up to Bogus Basin, then Larry led us over the Boise Ridge into Placerville where we met up with Doug.  From there we headed into Garden Valley for fuel and a quick bite.  Heading East on the Banks/Lowman highway for a few miles, we then turned North onto Scott Mountain Road/FR555.  Its

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Sam's Ride to Promontory Point (Golden Spike Transcontinental Rail Road Monument)

This is the second time that Sam Stone has led a group of riders from the Boise area down through southern Idaho into the desert east and north of the Great Salt Lake to visit Promontory Point, the Gold Spike National Historic Site where the Union Pacific and Central Pacific Railroads joined their rails on May 10, 1869 forging the destiny of our nation. 

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South Fork of Boise River from Blacks Creek Road (FS-189)

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Blacks Creek Road overlooking South Fork of Boise Ricer with Trinity Mountains in background
Craig Olsen
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